A Journey

244 miles, 19 days.

May 24, 2021
I’m stopping the trek for now and will restart with John Muir Sierra portion of PCT with friend Ronny in July. PCT journey may conclude at Tuolumne, I don’t know. I feel very good about things, no disappointment at all. I’m amazed at what I achieved. A peaceful, grateful acceptance. Stay tuned for next segment July 5th. The trail provides…..

6 thoughts on “A Journey

  1. Hope you are well! Your trip has generated some donations to aid the homeless in your honor. I was hoping to run into you as you passed through Big Bear Lake. The PCT goes right past Bertha Peak which I’ve climbed a couple of times. Very majestic views of Holcomb Valley and the Mojave from that stretch.


  2. I love looking at the photos and in the morning thinking of you waking up to your sunrise and breathing that beautiful air. Hope your feet are “hardening” up. They looked so sore. Take care. I’m loving following along on your journey. What a gift. Thank you Fran


  3. I look forward to our lunch talk and eventual zoo talk/walk to hear about this spectacular adventure. Many steps and many choices bring us to where we now stand. Be well, Good man, be well.


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